Please stop nagging at me..
I am getting crazy..
Believe me..I can handle it...
If I need a hand, I will tell you~

Please stop nagging at me..
I have told u what I wanna do...
You don't have to pretend  that you didn't hear it..
Just give me a break.
Don't let me feel what I did is all useless and wrong.


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  • lydialin
  • 妳還好吧~~小柚回來沒
  • 惠玲
  • 有時要放空一下自己,出去走走.<br />
    等你身體好些,我們一起去唱歌,好不好!<br />
    等小柚在大些,還要一起去衝浪一起歪暴喔!<br />